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Athena SWAN

International Women's Day 2017

International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The theme of this year’s event is #BeBoldForChange

Here at Abertay, we recognise the value of women to our organisation across a broad range of fields and expertise, from carrying out ground-breaking research in under-represented areas like engineering to winning top awards in cyber security.

Here, we profile just a few of these inspiring females – celebrating their achievements, learning about their role models and hearing their advice for the next generation of young women.


Meet Cheryl.

'Girls should not be put off because of any stereotypes.'

Cheryl Torano

Cheryl Torano

Ethical Hacking student

Meet Clare.

'Ignore your own self-doubt and throw yourself in at the deep end!'

Clare Brennan

Clare Brennan

Visual Arts Practice Lecturer

Meet Dr Cornelia.

'You can have it all… Apart from sleep.'

Dr Cornelia Doerich-Stavridis

Dr Cornelia Doerich-Stavridis

Senior Lecturer, Division of Natural & Built Environment

Meet Dr Lara.

'Don’t be afraid to be ambitious in your work and your personal life.'

Dr Lara Wood

Dr Lara Wood

Lecturer in the Division of Psychology

Meet Lynn.

'Peer pressure was a big thing that stopped me embracing my inner geek.'

Lynn Parker

Lynn Parker

Animation and Interactive Art Lecturer

Meet Margi.

'More women in the profession would lead to a more diverse engineering culture.'

Margi Vilnay

Margi Vilnay

Structural engineer and lecturer

Meet Moriamo.

'I want to encourage other women to get into IT.'

Moriamo Oduyemi

Moriamo Oduyemi

Head of Corporate Information Systems

Meet Dr Natalie.

'Don’t make your sex an issue, but be aware of unconscious bias.'

Dr Natalie Coull

Dr Natalie Coull

Ethical Hacking Lecturer

Meet Dr Rebecca.

'Don’t be afraid to ask questions or push yourself forward.'

Dr Rebecca Wade

Dr Rebecca Wade

Senior Lecturer, Division of Natural & Built Environment

Meet Dr Rhiannon.

'People may try to pull you down, but if you keep going you can finish the race.'

Dr Rhiannon Lord

Dr Rhiannon Lord

Social Sciences Lecturer

Meet Tina.

'There’s a whole life ahead of you. Refocus and keep going.'

Tina Robertson

Tina Robertson

Admissions Officer