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Firms, Employees and Sustainability

2 November 2015

Professorial Lecture Nov 2015

6pm Wednesday 11 November
Main Lecture Theatre

Join us for an exciting evening where three of our leading researchers will discuss sustainable development, the value of a company’s workforce, and how small companies can achieve long-term sustainability and success.

The lecture will be followed by complementary refreshments and everyone is welcome to attend.

Tickets are free - book your place now on Eventbrite.

Professor David Blackwood, Chair of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development has been a widely accepted concept since the Our Common Future report in 1987. It embraces economic, environmental and social considerations in decision-making, helping to find solutions to contemporary issues such as population growth, access to resources, and climate change.

Professor Blackwood will explain Abertay’s research into embedding the three aspects of sustainable development into complex multi-stakeholder decision-making processes, with examples drawn from the Dundee Central Waterfront project and others.

Professor Reza Kouhy, Chair of Energy and Environmental Accounting

Should a company’s workforce be regarded as a cost, or an asset? Experts have debated the concept of Human Asset Valuation (HAV) for more than a generation, but to date there is no generally accepted set of HAV tools for managers.

As businesses become increasingly reliant on advanced technology, they need increasingly highly-skilled workforces, making HAV even more important for effective planning and control. Professor Kouhy will examine the value of HAV for promoting and enhancing the sustainability of businesses in today’s competitive world.

Professor Gavin Reid, Chair of Business Management and Strategy

What are the key factors that allow a small firm to thrive and sustain a long life? Using Scottish econometrics research from the past few decades, Professor Reid will discuss the importance of product range and gearing (the ratio of debt to equity), and show this short-run insight can be extended to the long-term, in which firms are subject to a trade-off between growth and performance.

He will demonstrate that this trade-off can be avoided by competitive strategies which focus on differentiation and improved work-force efficiency.

We look forward to welcoming you to Abertay!

Tickets are free - book your place now on Eventbrite.

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