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Pollution, pressure and play

18 May 2015


Wednesday 27 May, 6-8pm
Main Lecture Theatre

Join us for an exciting evening where three of our leading researchers will discuss water pollution, using high pressure as an alternative to cooking, and the growth of computer games.

Tickets are free - book your place now on Eventbrite.

Professor Joe Akunna, Chair of Water and Environmental Engineering
Water quality in most of the inhabited world is highly dependent on human activity in and around aquatic systems. Professor Akunna will highlight some of the cost-effective scientific and engineering tools used to decouple this link, and will also explore a new approach of regarding some common aquatic pollutants as valuable resources, and how we might effectively recover them.

Professor Carl Schaschke, Chair of High Pressure Technology
We all enjoy our food that we eat each day, but do we know what happens to it on its way to reaching our plate? Professor Schaschke will explain a new food processing technology that uses crushingly high pressure as an alternative to cooking that ensures foods are completely safe to eat together with some other surprising benefits along the way.

Professor Gregor White, Chair of Applied Creativity
Almost every home now has at least one games console and often many more. As the average age of computer gamers rises, how are game designers responding to changes in taste in older audiences? Professor White will explore recent developments in game design practice that have established play as a legitimate form of cultural expression and games as a vehicle for social and scientific enquiry.

We look forward to welcoming you to Abertay!

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