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Business skills in schools

16 June 2014

 The campaign looks to build on previous successful projects

Two Dundee Business School lecturers are asking for your support - to help crowdfund a project to bring secondary schools, local businesses and Abertay students together.

You can make a promise on the Bloom Venture Catalyst website.

Rewards for getting involved include a chance to meet the students benefiting from the project, a place on the VIP panel at the final presentations, or even a full creative business consultation working with Dundee Business School staff and students.

More about the project

By using real-life business projects the aim is to bring secondary schools, local businesses and Abertay students together. The project will enhance the employment skills of learners and students across disciplines, combining practice and learning to provide creative solutions to live business problems.

The project will give Abertay students the opportunity to mentor secondary school pupils through live business projects and give secondary school pupils a flavour of student life and work.


Jason Turner and Helen Smith are lecturers who put students at the centre of the learning experience. They are enthusiastic about what they do and they want students to feel the same about their time at university.

Having successfully run a number of live business scenarios at Abertay, and in light of the developments in secondary education with the introduction of the Curriculum for Excellence, the team wanted to transfer this blueprint for employability and learning to young learners in local schools in Tayside.

The team want to inspire, engage, grow confidence, provide insight into the transition between school and tertiary education and furnish young learners with the tools necessary for the employment market.

You can make a promise on the Bloom Venture Catalyst website.

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