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Crowdfunding art at Abertay

9 June 2014

Curate the Campus is raising £500 to help turn the Abertay University campus into an art exhibition, with Abertay staff and students showcasing their creative talents through the university’s buildings.

You can make a promise on the Bloom Venture Catalyst website.

Rewards for getting involved include limited edition postcards of artists’ work, VIP invitations to the exhibition launch and the opportunity to meet the artists for lunch.

What do we want to do?

In September 2014, Abertay - led by the Cultural Engagement team - will launch a large-scale exhibition which will transform the entire campus into a vibrant gallery, studio and stage.

Abertay staff and students will showcase their talents in a medium of their choice, be it poetry, film, song, martial arts, dance or an interactive digital installation! They will be encouraged to use every area of the campus, creating bespoke and site specific artworks or performances for the spaces they inhabit.

Our Abertay artists and performers will be encouraged to explore the theme of philanthropy inspired by the individual stories of those who have contributed to the development of the university’s campus and community, exposing historical tales from our past and expressing our creative vision for the future.

We will explore and celebrate our diverse cultures and creative expression, whilst promoting mindfulness and wellbeing through creativity.

For more information, please visit the Bloom VC website.

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