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Abertay enrols all accounting students in CIMA

8 September 2016

Accounting and Finance students at Abertay University are getting an extra bonus at the start of the new academic year.

The University is arranging for all of them to be registered as Student Members of CIMA – the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. 

CIMA large

Abertay is one of only three universities in Scotland – and one of only a handful in the UK - to offer CIMA Membership to its students.

Previously, students had to arrange and pay for membership individually, but from this year onwards Abertay will pay the fees.

Student membership is valid throughout the period of study and for one year after graduation.

The Abertay partnership with CIMA means that a student just starting first year now could save around £400 on membership fees over the four year honours course.

Student membership confers a range of benefits, including free access to CIMA events for networking and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

As part of the arrangement, CIMA will run two events during the year especially for Abertay students.

Student membership is also a valuable addition to a student’s CV, as well as giving access to all CIMA online resources – reports, literature, webcasts, lectures and other information. 

It also links students to CIMA training partners, which include some of the world’s major employers, and offers discounts on a range of things like magazine subscriptions, insurance, dining and gym memberships.

There’s a dedicated students-only Facebook page offering job and placement opportunities, marketplace news and competitions.

Helen Smith, Programme Leader for the Accounting and Finance degree, said:  'We’re delighted to have arranged this significant benefit for our students.  Helping them prepare for the world of work is central to Abertay’s mission, and introducing them to membership of one of the world’s leading professional institutions will be an important and valuable addition to their studies.'

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