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Student stories – flying high with Saltire

8 October 2015

Chelsey Hunter

Chelsey Hunter took on an exciting placement this summer at Edinburgh Airport, as a Saltire Foundation scholar.

Interested in taking part? Applications for next year open on Monday 12 October.

Abertay’s Career Development Centre is holding free information sessions on Tuesday 13 October, where you can meet previous Saltire students. Register for your place now.

What did your Saltire placement involve?

“My placement involved being a member of the Finance team at the airport which allowed me to attend meetings with many of the staff and different departments, and some I made great friends with.

“It also involved day-to-day financial tasks in order for me to get a look into exactly how financial departments are run, for me to see if this is what I want to do in the future.

“My main project was to create a billing manual for all of the finance department and new starts to use for all billing processes within the airport. This was around 200 pages, being the biggest written piece of work I have ever written.”

How exciting was it to be part of such a busy workplace?

“It was very much an eye-opener into what my future would be like and to have a place in a department of an organisation. It made me more determined as I knew I had to get the job done on time because everyone relies on each other.”

What did you learn from the Saltire experience?

“My Saltire experience taught me what it was like to work in such a highly established company in Scotland, and has helped me know what I want to do in my future.”

Chelsey Hunter - web 2  

Do you have any tips for students applying this year?

“My tips would be to fully utilise Career Services. Mairi was my helper with the application form and covering letter stages and I don’t think I would have got through if she hadn’t helped me with my letters.

“Also, start early as the application form is longer than you think when you first see it. Having to think of the answer that best fits the specific questions took the longest time for me, so I suggest starting early and writing one full question at a time so as not to miss anything out by rushing.”

To find out more about the Saltire Foundation scholarships for next summer, register now for the information session on Tuesday 13 October.

For more information, and if you have any questions, please email

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