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Graduation stories - from college to a First Class Honours degree

22 July 2015

Hannah Ovens graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Business Administration earlier this month, despite initially lacking the qualifications to get into university.

After attending one of our Open Days and arranging an interview with the ’s Director of Programmes, she was strongly encouraged to go onto Further Education at college for the first two years.

She did so, determined to get into University at year three, and joined Abertay on completion of her HND at Dundee & Angus College.

Here, she tells us how she did it.

Getting to Abertay

“Abertay was always my first choice of university due to the international reputation of Dundee Business School. I had my heart set on the course because I wanted to follow my parents into the world of business and commerce, but when my exam results didn’t meet the entry requirements, I was devastated.

“However, I met with the Director of Programmes at DBS and she encouraged me to study at college for two years and to join Abertay in year three of the business course. She shook my hand and said 'I’ll see you in September 2013!'”

“The meeting with her on that low day, when she saw my potential, gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to believe I could indeed study at Abertay in the future. I worked hard and joined the business course at Abertay in year three.”


“The transition from college to university was quite hard – especially the volume of reading required of me. I found third year to be my adjustment year, allowing me to be more confident and successful in my fourth and final year.

“In June this year when I got my final results, I was able to thank the same Director of Programmes I had met four years previously for taking a meeting with me in August 2011, and was thrilled to tell her that I had achieved a First!

“It may not have been the conventional route, but it worked for me and therefore it was personally the correct route. And look what I finished up with!"

Come to Abertay

“Dundee is a metropolitan and diverse city which provides many opportunities, especially for students at Abertay because of its strong links with the business community.

“Abertay is a great place to study – the lecturers are pro-active and helpful, the students are friendly and Dundee is compact and progressive, and truly deserves its title of 'Scotland’s sunshine city'.

“The best part of studying in Dundee is the mix of local, national and international students who have also chosen the city and Abertay. The reasoning behind the choices are as varied as the personalities and characters of my fellow students.

“If you are considering studying at Abertay, arrange a visit and then speak to the staff and students, as the university’s first class facilities will surpass your expectations.”

Inspiring lecturers

“I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for Charlie Malone. I met him during the Open Day at Abertay and his knowledge and wit have been truly motivational and enlightening – he has successfully led me through the maze of university life.

“I was also lucky enough to have him as my Honours project supervisor and his critique was invaluable. If you ever need a break, he will always make time for you – and a coffee!”

What’s next?

“After graduation I am off to the Caribbean to celebrate my First Class Honours degree and the end of four years of study – with the hope of a job offer upon my return.”

Congratulations to Hannah on gaining her degree. We wish her all the best of luck in the future.

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