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Abertay students collect £1000 game jam prize

1 June 2015

A team of students took first prize in the first ChilliSource game jam, taking home £1000 for their 2D platform game HypnoBot.

Team Wanderland – Samuel Livingstone, Andrew Warrender and Shannon Webster – recently visited the ChilliSource studios to receive their prize.

They created their new game in just 48 hours. It was the first game jam the team had taken part in, having come together for their third year professional project at Abertay.

Andrew Warrender explains: “We were sceptical upon finishing our game if it would be good enough to compete with the other entrants since it was the first time for us entering a game jam.

“After the winner announcement we couldn't believe it and were all very excited. Our plan was to create a game with a simple mechanic that could be expanded on for as much time as we had left.

“We decided on an endless 2D runner. Then from there we went wild thinking up an interesting but weird environment and character.”

He added: “The game jam weekend was such a fun experience for us. Everything from the excitement and anticipation beforehand coming up with the game we would create, to the tough moments we had during development, it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

“We are definitely looking forward to doing more. Our advantage came from already having worked together during the past year on our professional project, and the group having strong programming and art backgrounds from our years at Abertay University.

“Because of this the development went smoothly, and we could concentrate on game ideas and polish than being stuck solving problems or disputes.”

James Foreman, Marketing and Developer Relations at ChilliSource, said: “We were really pleased with the quality of all teams who took part and how quickly they got to grip with the engine.

“The winning team not only managed to create a small game in the allocated time frame, but they managed to create a highly addictive, well designed platformer.”

ChilliSource is an open source game jam and the first instalment from the ChilliWorks suite of development tools.

Samuel, Andrew and Shannon are currently studying and at Abertay.

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