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Student stories – Law student’s Hong Kong adventure

8 October 2014


Suanne Wong worked in Hong Kong this summer, with the support of the Saltire Foundation. Here she tells us about her experiences.

Abertay Careers is holding information sessions on Tuesday 14 October about applying for the Saltire Summer Internships for 2015 – sign up for free at Eventbrite.

Suanne will be at the event, for anyone wanting to ask questions about the internships.

How did you find out about the Saltire Internship?

I found out about the Saltire Foundation a week before the deadline whilst studying on Erasmus in Italy. It was through word of mouth by a fellow Law student from Abertay. She mentioned the possibility of interning in Hong Kong or New York. My immediate thought was this is an exciting opportunity that cannot be missed so I had to apply!

How did the application process work?

There are a few stages to go through before becoming a Saltire Scholar. The first online stage involves competing against the highest amount of people. If you are successful you progress to speed interviews carried out by the Saltire Foundation, and then to the selection of internships – with the most popular positions being the furthest abroad.

Looking back I was extremely lucky to have secured my first choice of internship from the first list, AIA Legal Intern Hong Kong. Even now I am still amazed because everyone that secured an interview deserves the internship just as much as you. So you really need to stand out by showing your passion, but remember to always be yourself!

My tip is to make sure you put your every effort and try your best at every stage as competition is very high. Having said that please do not be put off, because if I had not applied I would not be a Saltire Scholar who had such an amazing opportunity.

What was life in Hong Kong like?

If you asked me to describe Hong Kong in one word, then that word has to be ‘buzz’. Nothing ever sleeps! I have been shopping past midnight and even eating lovely meals at 5am in the morning. It is a city that never sleeps and life in Hong Kong is absolutely fantastic.

I enjoyed every minute and time flew by so quickly. Within a few days I made lots of friends whereby we would meet up almost daily for meals and regularly plan events, trips and nights out. Everyone from my boss, colleagues and the friends I have made there were all very friendly.

I was also introduced to Hong Kong-style Karaoke night, the difference is you go to a Karaoke club where you can hire a private rooms to sing. It is an excuse to party with your friends with food and drinks and you can sing to your heart’s content! To fully embrace the culture here is to work hard and play hard.

What did your daily work involve?

From the very first day of my internship I was treated as a legal trainee and not just an intern. Every day was a great opportunity to further develop my legal skills. I have been exposed to many different tasks such as legal research for litigation, trust and securities, product development for big projects, drafting licensing agreements, and identifying issues with legal regulations.

AIA has developed my legal skills and knowledge in many ways. They would listen to my research and ask for my legal opinion. I even drafted legal memos to the CEO and I do not think many interns can say they have done that!

How did you use what you'd learnt at Abertay?

Without the legal knowledge I have gained through studying at Abertay it would have been very difficult to participate in this internship. I would use my legal research skills and knowledge that I have gained so far on the LLB degree and apply it to all the tasks and legal projects I took part in. I also surprised myself with the amount of legal information I retained!

To find out more about the Saltire Summer Internships for 2015, register for the free Abertay Careers sessions on Tuesday 14 October.

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