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BAFTA Young Game Designers visit Abertay University

29 September 2014

The two latest winners of the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition today (Monday 29 September) visited Abertay University to learn more about making games.

Game Concept Award winner Rhianna Hawkins and Game Making Award winner Adam Oliver met Abertay University experts and local games companies Future Fossil Studios, Stormcloud Games and YoYo Games.

Future Fossil Studios have been working on Rhianna’s design for her game Tomato’s Role, and created some extra artwork for Adam’s game Alien X to support its continued development.

Paul Durrant, Director of Business Development at Abertay University, said: “It’s great to welcome the latest BAFTA Young Game Designers to Abertay University, so they can find out more about how games are designed and made.

“Game development is a really challenging process that involves a wide range of skills, from art to maths and music. Seeing behind the doors at a leading university and some incredible Dundee-based games companies has been really inspiring for both winners.

“Both Rhianna and Adam really impressed the judges with their creativity and we look forward to seeing them both design and create many new games.”

Harvey Elliott, Chair of the BAFTA Games Committee, said: “Previous winners of the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition have gone on to study the subject at university, begin to forge a career in the industry, and in one case has even received a BAFTA nomination for their debut game.

“We are excited to see how Rhianna and Adam develop their winning games with Abertay University, and start their own journeys as professional game designers.”

In Rhianna Hawkins’ game Tomato’s Role the player directs the central tomato character through a fruit salad full of obstacles. By crossing bowls of increasing size the tomato boosts its popularity, aiming to be accepted as a member of the fruit family.

Adam Oliver’s game Alien X requires players to stop a horde of aliens from reaching a teleporter, using an array of weapons, travelling through four solar systems and finally battling the big boss, Alien X.

Now entering its fifth year, the BAFTA Young Game Designers initiative aims to inspire the game designers and game-makers of the future by giving 10-18 year-olds the chance to design and create their own game and develop it with industry professionals.


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