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Graduation stories – double degree for Susanna

1 September 2014

Susanna Waerther completed a double degree between Abertay University and the University of Applied Sciences in Aalen, Germany, this summer.

The two universities have a partnership agreement, allowing students to split their studies between two countries – broadening their education, and their life experience.

Susanna graduated with BA (Hons) Business Studies.

Can you describe how it worked to study at two different universities?

"The contrast between the different methods at the universities – in university culture, teaching approaches and examination methods – encouraged me to find my own way of learning, and through transferring what I learnt in one university to the other this learning experience got a whole new dimension to it.

"I think the students' inquiry beyond the standard curriculum and department of studies needs to be emphasised more in education today, and I am thankful to have experienced encouragement to think and work in an interdisciplinary way during my studies, especially at Abertay.

“This enabled me to write my dissertation on ‘Sustainability in Ecovillages’ – which involved quite a bit of sociological thought, and showed me how important it is to expand your own view and think holistically.

“It has sometimes been challenging, but that is what makes you learn and grow; and improves your abilities, and that is what it is all about, I think.”

You want to encourage other students to study abroad. Why?

“From my experience studying abroad requires a certain degree of independence, adaptability and a whole set of different skills from students. Inter-cultural communications for instance is only one example that not only increases the students' future career prospects, but more importantly broadens the thinking horizon and builds the character.

“There is more than ‘just’ the studying part – it is the whole process of leaving your home country, getting to know a different culture. It is a huge opportunity for the students, but of course it depends on how they make use of it. Studying abroad is not always easy, but in my opinion it is always worth the effort.”

What are your career plans for the future?

“Having studied Business Studies got me thinking more about the issues society faces today. How to find alternative solutions to them is something I want to engage in over the years to come. How exactly that will look like leads me to the commonplace answer of ‘I am not quite sure yet,’ but fortunately not due to the lack of ideas.

“For the rest of this year I am volunteering with an organisation near Kathmandu in Nepal (Govinda and Shangri-La), working with children and young adults.”

For more information about degrees like Susanna’s, please see the Dundee Business School courses page.

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