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Shadrach Toroitich - MSc Oil & Gas Management, 2015
How important was your time in Abertay in helping you pursue your career?

Pursuing an MSc in Oil and Gas Management at Abertay University was a life changing opportunity for me. I gained an appreciation and understanding of how the Oil and Gas industry functions, especially towards the energy industry of my country, Kenya. 

Abertay offered me an environment to be innovative and self-expressive. From engaging in practical discussions to providing solutions on various industry challenges with fellow students through innovation & Global Growth week 2015; visit to Oil and Gas UK offices in Aberdeen for a seminar on the insights of the industry; interaction with so many diverse interesting global cultures and the exhilaration of possible openings to acquire knowledge and develop skills within and around the university.

While at Abertay I attended English classes which sharpened my skills and language understanding. I was a member of the badminton club and toured parts of Scotland rich in history and culture. It was a chance to meet great people and make friends from all over the world. It therefore becomes difficult to identify just one memorable moment, but my achievement of a first class award with distinction in my programme stands out in my mind.

What does your current job involve?

Most of my day-to-day job as a Senior Internal Auditor at Kabarak University revolves around managing organisational risk and responding to definite events that give rise to new changes, expansion or identified risks and opportunities that may impact the organisation. In my assignments, I objectively provide assurance and widely consult to ascertain that value is added through organisational operations, such as improvement of controls, management of risk and governance process. By drawing audit plans, programmes and implementing them in consultation with a team of 4 auditors, we execute audit assignments based on rated and acceptable risk levels.

I oversee all audit activities and make presentations of the audit reports to the Audit Committee of the University Council. I am proud to be associated with improved efficiencies at all departmental levels. 

Do you have any advice for students/international students coming to Abertay?

I graduated from Abertay in November 2015 and truly left a changed person in terms of my academic career, social life and rich with global views in relation to diverse culture and ways of life. With clear objectives and mind-set to achieve, Abertay will lay the ground for you and it will be up to you to optimise every opportunity offered. As for an international student like me, Abertay was and is a home away from home. I am certain that you will achieve your career goals and enjoy living in Dundee. Go for it.