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Brian Beacom - BSc Computer Games Technology, 2013
What does your current job involve?

I currently work under the rather vague title of "Programmer" for Guerilla Tea, based in Dundee. My job covers quite a lot of things - most of my time is spent actively making games for phone, PC, Virtual Reality or the web. However, in the couple of years I've been here I've built servers, handled regular communications with clients and, more recently, I've also started coming back to the University to mentor third year students through my company. I'm actively involved in the interview process for new applicants these days.

What is your lasting impression of Dundee and Abertay?

Dundee clearly left a good impression on me as I've stuck around since graduating. The very first thing I noticed about the city was how welcoming it seemed and my opinion remains largely the same. I suppose it's unsurprising with the size of the student population. Everyone is used to new faces coming and going. Regarding Abertay, I have to admit I hadn't really stopped long enough to consider what to expect arriving at the University. Some people underestimate Abertay because of its size, but this is its advantage. Everything feels more personal and I can say for certain that it’s obvious how much the lecturers care about their teaching and their students.

Do you have any advice for students?

Quite simple: get involved in everything - join societies (especially academic ones like Psychology, Games Development etc.) you'll learn so much and make some fantastic friends. Check out the Students' Association too - they do great work and are made up entirely of elected students. Don't be afraid to approach professionals and attend industry events, we don't bite - we're very aware that just because you're new doesn't mean you have nothing to contribute.



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