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Amélie Mariage - Business and Management, 2011
What does your current job involve?

Aprendices Visuales creates solutions for children with autism. We help them to access the tools they need to develop their full potential through research, creation of visual materials and social awareness. The project began after I met Miriam and her young cousin who was diagnosed with autism. We created an illustrated book to help him learn to use the restroom on his own and it worked! We decided to share our story on the internet and suddenly, families from all over the world wrote to us, telling us: "thank you, thank you for sharing this material." We did not imagine that this small action was going to change our lives. After seeing the social demand for materials of this kind, we decided to put our time and creativity to serve this cause.

Can you explain a little about the philosophy behind Aprendices Visuales?

Aprendices Visuales understands that children with autism learn at their own pace and we provide the free materials to do it. To date 20 e-books and interactive apps have been developed to help them to communicate, all the while enjoying the stories they hear. Since 2012, we have more than 50,000 downloads on our apps and 300,000 reads of our e-books. We have also received more than 18, national and international, awards that support our work. Today we generate a positive impact in Spanish, French and English speaking countries across the world.

What are your lasting impressions of Abertay and Dundee?

When I arrived as a study abroad student, I was overwhelmed by a confusion of feelings. I barely recognised myself, but I could feel the transformation taking root within me. I’m very happy and also proud to have taken the decision of coming to study at Abertay. It was one of the most beautiful years I have ever experienced.


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