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Women in Engineering

Sarah Bruce - BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering

Sarah will graduate from Abertay in July 2016 with a BSc in Civil Engineering.  She already been offered a full time position with Millard Consulting, the company with which she spent her industrial placement.  She'll combine this position with studying for an MSc in Civil Engineering.  

Why engineering?

I have always liked art and design, geography, maths and physics. I thought about studying architecture but was not 100% sure so I went to college for a year to give myself more time to make up my mind. I studied Events Management and gained a HNC qualification from my time there.

Whilst I was studying for my HNC I found out about the Civil Engineering course at Abertay. I did a bit of research and found it was exactly the type of thing I wanted to do.

It includes everything I enjoy and am interested in - maths, physics, a bit of art and design - and links up to architecture.I had always been interested in buildings and materials and innovative structures and this is all a part of a civil engineering career.

After studying the subject for four years and finding out what an engineering career entails I am excited about pursing a successful career in this field, I feel like my future is very bright in this career path. 

What have you got planned after graduation?

I am going on to do an MSc in Civil Engineering in September, but I have also been offered a job with Millard Consulting, a civil engineering consultancy offering structural, infrastructure, flooding and environmental services.

I have been with the company since my industrial placement in the third year of my course. I was offered the opportunity to stay on over that summer and full-time employment after graduating.  I have gained experience in the structural team but I am going to be working with the infrastructure and flooding and environment teams over the summer, to broaden my experience and knowledge.

After my Master's I would like to focus more on structural engineering as this is the field of engineering I find most interesting and really enjoy.

Where would you like to be in ten years time?

I would like to be a Chartered Engineer with plenty of experience under my belt.

I would also like to have experienced working for a year or so in a different city or even country to learn as much as possible about different ways of engineering. 

What is your favourite feat of engineering?

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai - it is the world's tallest building and I find it an amazing accomplishment of design.