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Women in Engineering

Itziar Ferreira Cores - BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering

Originally from Galicia in Northern Spain, Itziar was attracted to Abertay by the high standards of training at Scottish universities. Having used her European credits to apply, she has now completed her second year of the BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering. Itziar is a student ambassador for STEM.

Why engineering?

For me, "engineering" means "challenge". I knew that studying engineering would be the adventure of my life. Also, the fact that my parents worked at a Port Authority had an impact on me and helped me tune into the environment around me.  

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I aspire to becoming a Project Manager on a construction site. I’m a communicative person and the Project Manager is responsible for communication between the customers, onsite staff and suppliers, to make sure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Longer term, I see myself as an engineer with the skills to help people all over the world, providing them with infrastructure enabling access to clean water, efficient public transport, safe houses and places built without hazardous materials.

Inspirational women in engineering?

For me, someone inspirational is someone who makes things possible when they seemed impossible to others, someone who breaks the mould.  

Emily Warren Roebling was inspirational. In the 19th century she was the chief engineer in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. After her husband and father in law who were in charge of the project got injured, she acquired engineering knowledge and completed this masterpiece. She showed the world that a woman with a purpose is capable of anything!

Why Abertay?

Abertay University allowed me to validate my previous European credits, which I earned while studying in Spain.

It’s a small university and for me that means better relationships between staff and students, students with other students ... you can have real conversations. Abertay is a very creative and environmentally friendly university and those are important values for me.

Here, you feel as if you belong to a big family, you are not just a number. The human relationships keep me motivated.

Favourite feat of engineering?

For me the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River is an incredible feat of engineering, because of the difficulty of constructing it without the machinery and resources we have today. It is an incredible example of what humans can achieve when we work together!

To anyone that doesn't know yet, engineering is a very creative discipline. It helps you to see the world with new eyes. We design, we build, we improve the world we live in.