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Division of Natural and Built Environment

Women in Engineering

National Women in Engineering Day (#NWED2016) is an international awareness campaign aimed at raising the profile of women in engineering.

Abertay will be marking the third year of NWED on 23 June with an event dedicated to Scotland’s leading female engineers. “Gender Balance – Building the Future” also offers the opportunity to find out more about the vast range of career opportunities available to women in an industry in which they are still under-represented.

At Abertay we are very proud of our own women in engineering. From managing our water network and engineering our trunk roads to wind turbine innovations and earthquake engineering, our staff and students – past and present – are making a mark on society.

We talked to nine women – staff, students and graduates – to get their perspectives on being a woman in engineering. 

Meet Itziar.

"We design, we build, we improve the world we
live in."

Itziar Ferreira Cores

Itziar Ferreira Cores

Student, Civil Engineering

Meet Belinda.

"Women bring different perspectives."

Belinda Oldfield

Belinda Oldfield

Graduate, Senior Leader with Scottish Water

Meet Dr Sylvie.

"Gender balance is important to well balanced decision making."

Dr Sylvie Mucyo

Dr Sylvie Mucyo

Graduate, Lecturer at the University of Rwanda

Meet Dr Rebecca.

"Women make great engineers."

Dr Rebecca Wade

Dr Rebecca Wade

Senior Lecturer, Abertay

Meet Victoria.

"I wanted to be at the forefront of building and designing."

Victoria Cousin

Victoria Cousin

Student, Civil Engineering

Meet Sarah.

"Engineering has everything I enjoy - maths, physics, art and design."

Sarah Bruce

Sarah Bruce

Student, Civil Engineering

Meet Margi.

"We solve problems that have an impact on people’s lives."

Margi Vilnay

Margi Vilnay

Lecturer, Abertay

Meet Vanessa.

"The female lecturers at Abertay are inspirational."

Vanessa Tan

Vanessa Tan

Student, Civil Engineering

Meet Karen.

"I have never found
a barrier that
I cannot cross."

Karen Whitehall

Karen Whitehall

Graduate, Delivery Manager for Scottish Water