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DBS Reading Group

DBS Reading Group Meetings 2014-2015 Term 2

Aim: To develop DBS staff members’ research skills and capacity

Focus: The focus of the reading group meetings is twofold:

1)      To introduce and discuss research methods that can support innovation and dissemination within all the various disciplines of DBS.

2)      To stimulate, encourage and explore potential research partnerships with external organisations, for example through joint project work, joint authoring, and co-venturing.

Frequency: Approximately 3 meetings per term.

Format: A key text (a 4* heavily-cited paper or a book chapter from a top academic publisher e.g. OUP, CUP, Routledge), and 2-3 supporting readings, is circulated to staff members 1-2 weeks prior to each research reading group meeting. Each meeting is approximately one hour in duration. In the first 20 to 30 minutes a member of staff, who is an expert in the particular methods or models of the subject of the meeting, will briefly present a conspectus of their scope and importance, by reference to the key paper or chapter and the further assigned texts. For the rest of the hour, all attendees discuss the method or approach expounded, and its possible application to their own research areas. The meeting will be chaired by the Reading Group co-ordinator.