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Division of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Programmes in The Division of Accounting, Finance and Economics consist of:

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

MSc Accounting and Finance (CIMA Gateway)

MSc Accounting and Finance for the Global Energy Sector

Where will our accounting courses take you?

Accounting courses – ethics and sustainability

The accounting courses at Abertay focus on developing a solid understanding of accountancy practice, while also focussing on the importance of ethical and sustainable issues in a world of creative accounting. Graduates able to analyse financial data for high ethical and environmental standards are increasingly in demand.

Climate change is also another critical global issue where highly skilled accountants are needed, to understand the huge future economic and sustainability challenges the world faces. By using these real issues in teaching, students quickly learn how to apply their technical skills to current international problems.

Accounting courses – oil and gas accounting

An area of particular expertise in the accounting courses at Abertay is oil and gas accounting. There is great demand for highly skilled professionals in the oil and gas sector, and Abertay's teaching is informed by experienced lecturers and close links to industry.

This postgraduate course prepares graduates to understand the huge future economic and sustainability challenges the world faces, and gives them the skills to analyse complex information and make business decisions that are critical – both for companies and the world economy.

Accounting courses – jobs

The job opportunities opened up by our accounting courses are wide and varied. Traditional positions include business accounting, finance and investment, financial reporting, taxation, and public and private sector financial management.

New job opportunities for skilled accountants include corporate social responsibility positions, social and environmental auditing, applying sustainability issues to financial reporting and management accounting, and applying contemporary management accounting techniques.

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in the European Business Masters Cup in year 2 and 3 and the IBM Universities Business Challenge in year 4. Abertay students have had enormous success in these business simulations in recent years, which show future employers real business skills.