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Design. Build. Play.

Abertay's Game Lab is hosting a free workshop aimed at giving an insight into the world of computer game design.

Running as part of the Dundee Design Festival 2016, and held this Saturday (May 28), the team are looking for people to help design a real computer game - from concept to play - in just two hours.

Lynn Parker, a lecturer in the Division of Games and Arts, and who is leading the workshop, said: "Design. Build. Play. explores the design and development of play within games. 

"Within the workshop, participants will encounter playful interactions with a space, with each other and with games themselves.

"Led by games and performance academics from Abertay University, the participants will play tag a number of times, in its traditional and not so traditional forms in order to actively experience game design techniques and tensions.

"In the second half of the workshop, the participants will be challenged, in teams, to draw from this experience in order to take the lead in the redesign of Tag in order to create innovative playful experiences."

She added that those attending the event can expect a busy and rewarding couple of hours.

Lynn said: "The workshop draws from the traditions of play and performance, exploring games in their many forms through the act of play itself.

"Expect lots of running around, laughter, competition and collaboration."

The workshop will be followed by a talk delivered by Dr Dayna Galloway, Head of the Division of Games and Arts.

Dayna will discuss computer games which were made in Dundee and went on become global hits. He will also look at serious games - designed to improve understanding in various disciplines - and experimental games which highlight the extent to which people's imaginations can take you. 

The free event will be held at the West Ward Works, Guthrie Street, at 12.30pm on Saturday. Tickets can be booked at