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Timea Tabori

Timea Tabori - BSc Computer Games Technology 2013

Engine Programmer, Rockstar North.

Current role

After graduating with a first class degree in Computer Games Technology, I was fortunate enough to join the fantastic team at Rockstar North as a Junior Engine Programmer and I have been with the company for almost four years.

As an engine programmer, I work with skilled engineers to develop bleeding edge architectures to evolve and expand our engine and to help build our tools and systems that allow us to work in a fast, flexible and highly collaborative manner. On a daily basis, I get to work together with artists, designers and other coders on various problems, perform the research necessary to continuously evolve our game's engine and develop high-performance tools and systems for our core technology. I find it to be creative and collaborative work that's really rewarding and varied every day.

I find it really rewarding to be a part of an extremely talented team and work together to deliver high-quality projects that so many people enjoy.

Outside of work, I have been involved with IGDA Scotland since receiving an IGDA Scholarship to go to GDC in my 4th year at Abertay. I started volunteering with the Scottish Chapter as soon as I got back and have since joined the Board of Directors and been serving as Chair for the chapter for the past two years.

I find it really rewarding to work so closely with the fantastic game development community we have in Scotland and to build and strengthen it where we can. I also feel very strongly about bringing more diversity to the games industry and making space for new voices. I have worked with young people, parents, teachers and educational institutions and advocated for a more open and better-understood games industry in various capacities - as a CoderDojo mentor, a STEM, Video Games and recently Women in Games Ambassador - or by giving talks at universities and conferences.


I loved my time at Abertay! I relished the opportunity to throw myself into learning about all aspects of game development as part of my course and self-study. I enjoyed the challenge and the freedom to explore particular directions I was interested in and I felt like I was in an environment that supported my curiosity.

Upon graduating I felt prepared and ready to jump in and start working in the games industry.

I met, made friends with and was inspired by many people. I have built lasting friendships and I even work with some of the people from my Abertay family now. Having plenty of events like game jams or dev meetups on or around campus, bringing together fellow students and local developers impressed upon me an appreciation and love for community building that I now get to practice as the Chair of IGDA Scotland as well as a Women in Games and STEM Ambassador.

I chose Abertay because, from the very start, I got the impression that developers respect its courses and it has strong ties to industry. Having modules with group projects brings all the games students together to work in a more realistic, cross-disciplinary setting, which taught us important skills about teamwork, leadership, responsibility and conflict management. This, together with regular game jam events and competitions like Dare to Be Digital, really cultivates a positive and progressive learning environment.