We are getting ready to open the University campus in time for the new academic year in September. Our Return to Campus FAQs below will be regularly updated over the summer and we will keep all students updated on any key developments by email, social media and via the Community Update newsletter.  Information is also available on the intranet.

SEZ should be your first point of contact for any concerns or support needs. You can email them at sez@abertay.ac.uk

Check NHS Inform for national advice.

Safety, Hygiene and Health

Will protective screens be in place and where will these be?

Yes. Protective screens are being installed in high traffic face-to-face contact areas across the University for the safety of staff and students.

How will social distancing work on campus?

We will be following national guidance on social distancing on campus. New signage across campus will advise on how to keep safe and there will be systems for getting around campus, accessing buildings and in classroom and study settings. We will update with further information soon.

There will be one-way systems in place. How will this work?

Signage with instructions on moving around campus will be installed in key locations and you will be asked to adhere to the rules. We will release more detail on this closer to the start of term.

Which entry and exit points can I use in each campus building?

We will be making a number of changes to entry and exit points to keep staff and students safe. We will update you closer to the start of term.

Do I need to wear face covering on campus?

The current Scottish Government advice is for face coverings to be worn in enclosed spaces where physical distancing is difficult. You may wish to bring a face covering to wear on campus. Remember that face coverings are mandatory in shops and on public transport.

What are the arrangements for the toilets?

We are working on a system for this and will update this page soon.

Where will the hand sanitising stations be and how do I use these?

We will be providing hand sanitising/washing stations around campus to help reduce the spread of infection. We will update this page with more detail soon. 

Will I need to wear face masks or PPE for on-campus teaching?

We are working on arrangements for this and will update this page soon.

Will tutors be wearing face masks or PPE for face-to-face classes?

We are working on arrangements for this and will update this page soon.


What is blended learning?

All students will be taught via blended learning from the start of academic year. Blended learning is a mix of online instruction and face-to-face teaching which will take place on campus. Students will have one three-hour face-to-face teaching session on campus every week. There may be some exceptions depending on your course and year of study. In addition there will be live online tutorials and materials prepared in advance to be accessed at your ease.

How much of my teaching will be on campus?

Students will have one three-hour face-to-face teaching session on campus each week from the start of Term 1. There may be some exceptions depending on degree programme and year of study. Full timetable details will be announced closer to the start of Term 1, which begins on September 21.

What changes are being planned to improve online teaching?

Our Technology-Enhanced Learning team are working with academic staff to develop a programme of training, as well as guidance documents and resources, to support staff and students to engage with a more immersive online learning experience next academic year. We will update this page with more detail soon.

Will online lectures and tutorials be pre-recorded or interactive?

It is our intention to deliver a mixture of both interactive and recorded activities which will be accessed from our virtual learning platform, My Learning Space. We will be in touch with more detail about how this will work soon.

What about students who have health issues or are vulnerable to Covid-19?

These students should contact the Support Enquiry Zone in the first instance at sez@abertay.ac.uk

What about students who are concerned about returning?

For advice on how your concerns/issues may affect your studies please contact the Support Enquiry Zone in the first instance sez@abertay.ac.uk. 

What if I'm nervous about using public transport?

We are advising students to follow Scottish Government guidance on travelling on public transport, including the use of a face covering. We understand that some students may have concerns about using public transport and, if you feel unable to attend the campus due to this, please raise the matter with your programme leader.

How will exams and assessments be affected in 2020/21?

Academic staff are reviewing assessments to consider their applicability for a blended learning delivery model. We will be back in touch with more detail on this.

What is the Covid-19 Fair Assessment Policy and will it apply in 2020/21?

The Covid-19 Fair Assessment Policy was introduced to act as a safety net for students affected by the pandemic. It included the ability for students to have extensions on coursework and to defer exams with no questions asked, in addition to other measures. For more information on this visit https://intranet.abertay.ac.uk/documents/forms/travel/coronaviruscovid-19/covid-19studentguidance/fairassessmentduringcovid-19/.  We are currently considering how this policy may be implemented or adapted going forward.

What size will face-to-face classes be?

A face-to-face class could typically contain between 6-15 students but will depend on the social distancing guidance in place at the time, the room capacity, and the nature of the activity being delivered. We are modelling campus capacity on the current 2m social distancing guidance.

Will students be kept within the same ‘bubble’ and what does this mean?

A ‘bubble’ is a means of limiting the number of contacts individuals have and is used as mechanism to control the transmission of infection. In the university context, we are endeavouring to create groups (bubbles) of students for on-campus delivery. This means that when receiving on-campus tuition you would be with the same/fixed group of students.

Will my fees be refunded due to less face-to-face teaching?

In line with national guidance, as teaching is still ongoing online, we will not be refunding any tuition fees. If you would like to discuss this please contact SEZ.

Will I still be allowed to complete my placement this year?

We hope to be able to support placement activity this academic year and have made some adjustments in programme structures to facilitate this. We remain in dialogue with our placement providers but attendance at placement will depend on government guidance, as well as associated risk assessment protocols.

What if I need to defer to a later start date?

Should you need to defer because of COVID-19, you can defer to the next available start date.

All of our undergraduate degrees start in September, but some of our postgraduate degrees have both September and January start dates. We appreciate that many students have already made firm plans to come to Abertay this September and we are working on the basis that this is still be the case.

If you have already deferred once, we will allow you to defer again. If you have been awarded a scholarship for your studies, this can also be deferred. 

If you are an EU student, you may need to consider the decision to defer carefully as the current fee guarantee by the Scottish Government is applicable to those EU students entering in September 2020.

Life on Campus

When will campus reopen to students?

Campus will be open in time for the start of the new academic year in September, with Freshers Week taking place on September 14 and start of Term 1 teaching beginning September 21. Teaching will be a blended mix of online and on-campus sessions, and students should come to campus for their face-to-face teaching. There will be more detail on individual programme timetables closer to the start of Term 1. The Library will be open for the start of Term 1 at the latest, with new access arrangements in place. We will be in touch with regular updates. Please continue to check your email and the Community Update newsletter.

How will I keep in touch with my classmates if access to campus is restricted?

We will soon be putting all students into Microsoft Teams chat groups based on their programme and year of study, to help kick off some virtual introductions. There will also be a series of activities around Freshers' Week and plenty of other ways to connect across the year. If you have concerns about staying in touch with your classmates speak to the Support Enquiry Zone or the Students' Association.

How will access to the Library work?

The Library and other services will be open in time for the start of Term 1 teaching on September 21. There will be different access arrangements in place and new social distancing measures for your safety. We will be back in touch as soon as we can with further details.

How will access to the Gym work?

We are currently working on how the Gym might be operated safely and within national guidelines. We will be back in touch with more detail as soon as we can.

Advice, Wellbeing and Mental Health

Where can I get advice, counselling and/or mental health support

For all student support enquiries contact the Support Enquiry Zone at sez@abertay.ac.uk


Will Research Labs/Facilities be open?

Many Scottish universities have continued some essential lab activity throughout the pandemic to date. Some Abertay labs will reopen from mid-July in line with national guidance. Students eligible to access labs will be contacted directly.

International and EU Students

What if I'm travelling from overseas and have to quarantine for 14 days?

Should UK quarantine restrictions remain in place during September (and this may change), we will provide students who have been allocated university-owned accommodation (Meadowside and Lyon Street) and who are travelling from overseas, the flexibility to arrive early to allow you to undertake the quarantine period in advance of the start of Term. There will be no charge for this quarantine period. Private accommodation providers such as Keillor Court and Parker House have also agreed to waive fees for any quarantine period. We will support students through this period with advice and practical guidance. This would mean that you would arrive around the last weekend in August. There are a number of private travel providers who will be able to transport you safely to Dundee from a local airport and we will provide you with full details.

Will I be able to study abroad this academic year?

This will be subject to government guidance but currently no overseas exchange activities are planned for Term 1.

Where can I access Scottish Government advice for international students?

The latest Scottish Government advice for international students can be found here: https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-for-international-students-april-2020/pages/overview/

Where can I find guidance on immigration?

The latest UK Government immigration guidance is available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/coronavirus-covid-19-immigration-and-borders

Can I take my course online only due to overseas travel issues?

All students will have one three-hour block of face-to-face learning on campus per week from the start of Term 1 and you should attend campus for this. However we know that some students may have difficulty in attending in person dependent on your individual circumstances (travel issues/health) and we would try to adapt to meet any special circumstances wherever possible to personalise your learning in order to support you. It will not be possible for some courses to be undertaken wholly online due to their teaching requirements, so we ask you to make contact with our advisory service by email - advisory@abertay.ac.uk. Advisory will liaise with academic staff on your behalf regarding arrangements that could be made for your particular course.

Can I start my degree late? What provisions are in place to support me?

We can accept students up to two weeks later than the start date for any course. We are also considering whether we can provide online resources where appropriate to ensure you will not miss any of the early work and are able to begin your programme.


How can I apply for University accommodation and what if I need to cancel?

Our accommodation applications will be open to those applicants who have firmly accepted our offer of a place from w/c June 15 2020. Don't worry- we have not made any accommodation offers before this date and your application will be processed in order when we are able to do so. We will be putting in place social distancing where this is required. Where your arrival is prevented and you have already signed your lease, you are able to cancel your lease with 28 days notice.

Residences contract dates will align with the revised start date for the 2020/21 academic year, with Orientation Week now due to begin on September 14. We do not take a deposit, but you will be asked to make a prepayment of rent when you accept your room offer. If you cannot attend due to Coronavirus restrictions in your home country, or the UK, the prepayment will be refunded. More details can be found on our Accommodation web pages here: https://www.abertay.ac.uk/accommodation/

A significant amount of teaching is online. Should I apply for accommodation?

This is a choice for you to make and will depend on your personal and financial circumstances. We will be delivering a blended mix of online and face-to-face teaching for the academic year 2020/21. Students will have one 3-hour block of face-to-face learning on campus per week. There may be exceptions depending on degree programme and year of study. If you would like to discuss this contact SEZ - sez@abertay.ac.uk.

Will Abertay student accommodation be open to new entrants?

Yes. We are currently looking at options around all of our student accommodation and how this might be affected by social distancing rules. We will provide an update on this when it is available.

IT Equipment and Support

Who do I speak to about IT issues?

Your first port of call for all IT issues should be the IT Service Desk. You can log a call here: https://intranet.abertay.ac.uk/support/ict-service-desk/service-desk/

Will I be able to access specialist IT equipment?

Students will be able to access specialist equipment on site, however this may depend on your programme of study and the type of activity that the equipment supports. We are also looking into what additional provision can be given to students working from home. Speak to your Programme Leader for further information.

I don’t have good broadband or IT equipment. Where can I get help?

If you have concerns over access to broadband or equipment please contact the Support Enquiry Zone sez@abertay.ac.uk

Orientation and Freshers' Week

Are there any welcome events planned for Freshers Week?

We are working with Abertay Students’ Association and our academic colleagues on a series of online activities to help new students meet their classmate virtually. We hope to also be able to offer some face-to-face activities on campus, depending on the national picture in September. we are planning online welcome events from the Principal, Deans of School and Programme Leaders, as well as social and society-led activity and a special videogames showcase from our MProf students.

How can I find out what Abertay Students’ Association are planning?

Abertay Students’ Association can be reached by email at hello@abertaysa.com. You can find their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/AbertaySA/

Will student societies and sports clubs be running in Semester 1?

This will depend on the Scottish Government guidance at the time. For more information contact Abertay Students’ Association or Abertay Sport.