Campus safety

Abertay is committed to ensuring the safety of all students, staff and visitors at the University. Although legal Covid restrictions have now ended we continue to encourage safe behaviours including: 

  • Ventilation guidance in teaching spaces and meeting rooms

  • A reduction in class sizes with larger lectures being held online where possible.

  • Advice on voluntary use of face coverings on campus

  • Regular cleaning regime and hand sanitising stations located throughout campus

  • Reporting to the University when you have suspected or confirmed Covid via our online form

Register with a doctor 

All students should register with a local Dundee doctor – a general practitioner (GP). Abertay has no medical centre on campus but the Hillbank Health Centre is a short walk from the University and dedicates one hour each day solely for Abertay students.  

Risk Assessment for Abertay during COVID-19

We have a risk assessment in line with Scottish Government guidance for COVID-19.

For staff who are working on campus, please access our comprehensive guidance and advice on the Covid Risk Assessment intranet page.

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