Open Minds

Abertay Open Minds workshops are designed and delivered by practitioners in mental health and are aimed at improving knowledge and skills within the workforce

Welcome to Open Minds CPD

Welcome to Open Minds CPD, a brand new initiative from the Mental Health Nursing & Counselling team at Abertay University. Here you will find the latest workshops and CPD events which will help provide you with a deeper understanding of mental health; how they impact us and how we can look to tackle the challenges they bring. As you will see, our events look at a diverse range of mental health topics and will include a combination of specialist speakers and Abertay’s own mental health and counselling experts.

Become an ‘Open Minds Practitioner’

Gain 20% early bird discount on all CPD events

Attend the annual conference at Abertay ‘Opening minds to mental health’.

Accrue a portfolio of Certified CPD work to evidence professional and personal development

Join our on-line community and mailing list providing local and international events in mental health.

Non-credit bearing CPD

Open Minds certificate (includes hours)NB: all workshops subject to a minimum sign-up, three weeks notice of any changes and will be provided

Bespoke mental health workshops

We also provide bespoke mental health workshops for the sector including care planning, staff resilience training, recognising and responding to mental health issues in the workplace.