Accommodation Offer FAQs

Application Offer FAQs

How do I accept my accommodation offer?

To accept your offer, you need to pay the rent.

If you hold a conditional firm offer of study, you will be given a provisional accommodation offer which will be confirmed once you have met the conditions of your study offer.

If you hold an unconditional firm offer, you can accept it online using OASIS.

To accept your offer of accommodation you need to make a rent pre-payment in GBP. The exact amount will be in your offer email. This can be paid online here.

Find out more in the Rent & Payment FAQs.

What if I don't reply to my accommodation offer within 14 days?

Yes. You only have 14 days from the date of offer to finally accept or decline your offer of accommodation.

Places are limited and in great demand, particularly at the start of the academic year in September, which is why we can only give you a limited amount of time to accept.

If you don't accept within the specified time, the accommodation is likely to be offered to another student, with no guarantee that you will receive another offer from us.

What if I need to reject the offer for medical reasons?

 If you feel you have to reject the offer for medical reasons, please contact us immediately.

Email or phone +44 (0)1382 308049 to speak to a Residences Officer.

We will always try to do our best to help you.

If I reject my first offer, will I get another offer?

If you reject your first offer you will be placed at the end of the waiting list and may not receive another offer. No guarantee can be given.

If you are rejecting your offer because you have a special need which means you cannot accept the offer, then you should contact the Residences Office by email or phone +44 (0)1382 308049.



What if I don't like what I have been offered?

We prefer students to give the accommodation they have been offered a reasonable trial. A transfer to other accommodation is occasionally possible once the first term is underway, from around late October, subject to availability of suitable places.

However, we find in the vast majority of cases that once students have been in their accommodation for a few weeks and got to know their neighbours or flatmates, they prefer to stay where they are.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

We try to place as many students as possible and keep a waiting list if our residences are full. If you are unsuccessful we can provide information about local letting agents for private accommodation.

Are there any vacancies after term starts?

Some times we may have one or two vacancies once the term has started, e.g. where a student has pulled out of a course.

You should keep in touch with the Residences Office if you would like to be put onto a waiting list for accommodation.

Can I be released from my lease after a few weeks?

No, the lease is legally binding for the period of weeks you signed up for.

However, if a student terminates their course and stops being a student, then the lease will also be terminated. A charge may be incurred when course termination or withdrawal occurs.

Please note the lease will not be cancelled if you reside in Parker House or Keiller Court until another student is found to take over your lease, and with the approval of the Parker House and Keiller Court Teams.

Can you guarantee a room offer?

While we guarantee an offer of a room, we can't guarantee which room it will be. We do our best to match what you've asked for, but it may not be your first room choice.

Rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis, depending on which rooms are available at the time when your application is being processed.

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