Kehinde Oduyemi

Academic Curriculum Manager - School of Science, Engineering and Technology

Overview of current position and main responsibilities

I am Academic Curriculum Manager in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology where I teach and research in the fields of hydraulics, environmental engineering and pedagogy. In this role, I work with the Head of School and manage the School’s portfolio of academic programmes and student learning experience

What was your career path to this position and subject area?

I moved to the UK from Nigeria in 1979 and attended Norwich College of Further and Higher Education, England for my A levels. I hold a PhD in Civil Engineering from Birmingham University, after achieving my first degree in Civil Engineering at the same University. I started my career in higher education (HE), in 1987, as a visiting fellow and an Engineering Mathematics tutor at Robinson College, University of Cambridge while, at the same time, I was a researcher in the Engineering Department at University of Cambridge. In 1988, I was appointed as a lecturer at Abertay University, which was then a College.

Who has inspired your career?

  • My Father, for his determination to succeed, resilience, and disarming smile.
  • My paternal grandmother, for her leadership and work on women’s rights.
  • My vice-Principal at Lagos Anglican Boys’ Grammar School. She taught me how write and speak English. That was my first encounter with a Scot!
  • Papa Obafemi Awolowo, the first Premier of Western Nigeria, for his political skills, oratory, and resilience. He once said “There is no shame in falling and the pride is in getting up each time you fall down.”
  • Barak Obama, for his oratory.
  • Nelson Mandela, for his resilience and determination.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would encourage him – and everyone for that matter - to take any opportunity to develop your skills. Be determined to succeed and do not be afraid of change. Embrace change and ask for feedback, as required. Above all, be very reflective and find yourself a very good coach or mentor, as required. All of us have the capacity to succeed.