Library Cafe

The Library Cafe

The Library Cafe is one of the hubs of the University, situated next to the main library entrance. It's a great place to eat, study, relax or meet your friends for coffee or toastie. The cafe sells different delicious fresh soups every day, a great selection of sandwiches/toasties as wells as cakes, hot beverages, smoothies and cold drinks. We've got a choice of milks, syrups and toppings, and where possible, we offer the decaf versions as well.

Please bring a travel mug along with you for hot drinks. This means you pay 20p less than if we have to give you a single-use disposable cup. To make your life even easier, we also sell Abertay travel mugs for £5.  These are made using sustainable materials, are dishwasher safe and biodegradable. 

There are USB plugs if you want to work in the cafe. And here's a great tip - we are busiest on the hour just after classes. If you come 15 mins before or after, the queues are shorter and you'll get served more quickly. We look forward to seeing you there.

Opening Hours

8.45am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

The Cafe is closed at weekends.