Chair of Court
Election 2023

The University Court is the Governing Body of the University and is responsible for overseeing the institution's activities and agreeing the University’s strategic direction. The University Court is also responsible for the effective governance of the institution and agrees the strategic plan and annual budget. Further information can be found in its Statement of Primary Responsibilities

Court delegates responsibility to the Principal, supported by the Senior Management Team, to deliver the strategic objectives, manage the University’s finances, and to be responsible for the operational management of the University.

The Chair is responsible for the leadership of Court and for ensuring that the necessary business of Court is carried out efficiently, effectively, and in a manner appropriate for the proper conduct of public business. The Chair will also have a role in representing the University externally. Further information about the Role of the Chair of Court

Court has a maximum of 25 members, including independent lay members, representatives of students, staff, and the trade unions and further information can be found on our webpages - About the University Court


Appointment Process

Following the current Chair’s decision to stand down in the first half of 2023, following four years in the role, Court has agreed regulations and a process for the appointment of the new Chair and appointed an Appointment Committee, including representatives of staff and students, to oversee the process. The process is governed by the requirements of the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act (2016).

In line with the legislative requirements, an election will be held, and Court will appoint the winner of the election as the next Chair of Court. Appointment to the position is for a period of three years, with the possibility of re-appointment for a further and final period of three years by agreement of the Court.


Three candidates will contest the election which will take place between 15 and 29 March 2023. The candidates are:

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David Brew

Election Statement

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Annie Ingram

Election Statement

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Ken Macintosh Preview Photo

Ken Macintosh

Election Statement

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Open Meeting – Tuesday 21 March

Candidates will take part in an Open Meeting on Tuesday 21 March 2023, 13:00-14:30.  This will provide an opportunity for staff, students and members of Court to hear statements from candidates and to participate in a Q&A session.

A recording of the event will be available to view as soon as possible after the event.


Who can vote

The electorate comprises:

  • members of Court;

  • students of the University who are fully registered on the qualifying date for the election [13 February 2023].

  • staff of the University, defined as any individual who has a salaried contract of employment with the University on the qualifying date for the election [13 February 2023]. Any individuals engaged on temporary services, and honorary contracts are not entitled to vote.

All electors have a single vote, irrespective of whether they fall into more than one category. Each vote cast in the election carries equal weight.


How to vote

Voting will open at 09:00 on Wednesday 15 March and close at 17:00 on Wednesday 29 March 2023.

The University has appointed Civica to manage the electronic voting process on our behalf.  All eligible staff, student and Court members will receive an email from with further instructions on how to access the voting system.

If you believe that you are entitled to vote but have any difficulties, please contact the Governance team ( and they will be happy to help to resolve the issue with you. 

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