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Student life

Division of Psychology


Welcome to Psychology at Abertay. 

Staff in the Division of Psychology offer a vibrant and quality learning experience to our students.  We also engage in high quality research.  In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise we had a higher proportion of our staff rated as producing research of at least an international standard than any other Department of Psychology in a modern Scottish university.  We are proud of our portfolio of British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited psychology degrees and invite you to browse our webpages to discover more information about them. 

Psychology is a fascinating area of study and Abertay is a welcoming and stimulating place to study it.  We hope to see you in the future……

About Us 

The Division of Psychology was formed in 1995 and since then has grown into one of the largest and most successful divisions at Abertay.  Permanent staff numbers have grown to around 20 academics and are ably supported by technical and secretarial staff.  Each year we have in excess of 200 undergraduates enrolled on our 4 British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited degrees and a significant number of students studying psychology as a minor part of other degrees.  Throughout this period of expansion we have maintained our belief that universities should be a welcoming place to study.  Our aim is to provide a friendly, supportive, professional, and stimulating learning environment to our students. 

2005 was a landmark year for the Division when we moved into the purpose-built Centre for Psychology on the 5th Floor of the Kydd Building.  This is where staff office space, their research labs and the student teaching labs are housed.  “The Panel identified as exemplary the establishment and development of the physical space associated with the Psychology provision and the use of that space for both teaching and research”.  In the most recent Subject Review in 2012 the Division’s approach to teaching and learning, and our resources were commended.  In the same year the professional body for psychologists in the UK, The British Psychological Society, commended the Division on its approach to teaching research methods, the ethos of support offered to our students which was described as “strong and student- centred”, and the strength and identity of the student body. 

Laboratories and Facilities 

Psychology at Abertay is well resourced and the faculty has access to nine dedicated staff research labs, a research presentation area and a suite of 11 experimental cubicles.  The combined area of these research resources exceeds 240 square metres.  The labs are equipped with High-end PCs and appropriate software (E-prime, Superlab, N-Vivo, SPSS, Observor NT etc). Hardware of note includes an anechoic chamber, wall mounted remote controlled CCTV cameras, SMI 3.0 Eye View Eye-movement recorder, SMI Eye View X HED Eye-Tracker, GSR Equipment and software, and BioHarness Telemetry System with LabChart and BioHarness.
            In addition, staff have access to the HIVE (Human Intelligent Virtual Environment - a multipurpose and intelligent immersion studio environment).  This University-wide resource contains state-of-the-art high resolution video projection equipment and sound systems.  It provides an immersive environment where participants are surrounded by images on a 6m screen and sounds, and their behavioural and physiological responses can be recorded in real-time.  In 2012 the School within which Psychology sits benefitted from a major investment of approximately £100K with the development of a biomechanics/human movement facility.  This resource allows high-quality-video capture and full kinematic analysis and offers an excellent opportunity for psychologists to work across disciplines with bio-mechanists in the Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences where the lab is situated. 

Teaching Labs

The Division has its own two large dedicated teaching labs that are used for teaching research methods in all four years of our degrees.  The labs contain over 70 high specification PC’s equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite of programmes and experimental editing packages such as E-Prime and Superlab.


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