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Student life

Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences


The Division developed a new suite of sports courses in 2007. These programmes are supported by associated research and consultancy developments in sports coaching, sports development, and sport and exercise science, as well as research development in these areas. There are strong links with a number of organisations in the area so that students gain industry experience.

There are many varied career opportunities for graduates in sport. In a vibrant and fast moving career you will be contributing as coaches, leaders and managers from your local community, the sports and leisure industry, and psychology careers.


About the staff teaching you

Apart from getting on with the business of teaching, many of the Division staff are either actively involved in research or work with schools and employers as a collaborative process. The Division has a number of local secondary schools visit the Performance Laboratory to provide pupils with additional support for their PE studies; staff members also visit primary schools as part of a science, technology, engineering and maths project.

Research interests that staff have recently presented on or received grants for:

  • the art and science of coaching
  • coaching in the international context
  • health professionals and exercise information
  • adherence to exercise
  • emotion-cognition link in sports performance
  • adolescents’ health behaviours
  • high intensity training
  • exercise and ageing
  • diversity in sport

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