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Student life

Student life

Gain your independence and make lifelong friendships

Student life at Abertay is fun and exciting. No matter what type of student you are – undergraduate, postgraduate, full-time, part-time, coming from a local college or from abroad, you’ll not be alone at Abertay.

The Abertay Campus

The University is conveniently located on a city centre Campus, with all of its buildings within a quarter of a mile of each other. Shops, recreational facilities and the main bus and train stations are but a short walk away. The main buildings, Old College, Kydd Building, White Space, Student Centre and Hannah Maclure Centre and cinema and some Abertay accommodation are in the Bell Street complex, grouped around the University's outstanding award-winning Bernard King Library.

There is always a busy atmosphere around the Abertay campus, as students come and go to lectures, meet with staff, study for exams, and attend tutorials and seminars.

Supportive environment

As well as succeeding academically, we want to make sure you enjoy your time in Dundee, so we'll be there to support you every step of the way. If you feel you are struggling with your finances, workload or feeling homesick, the counsellors will be able to put you back on your feet and help you move forward again.

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