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Fadel Asadeg - MSc Oil and Gas Accounting and Management

Fadel Asadeg had been working for an oil and gas company in Libya for eight years when his company gave him the opportunity to study in Scotland, an opportunity that will propel his career from site work in the desert to management.  He will graduate from Abertay with an in July 2016.  

Why Abertay?

I have been working for an oil and gas company in Libya for eight years.  The company I work for - the Waha Oil Company - is sponsoring my studies here.  In my previous position, I was working onsite in the desert.  This qualification will enable me to move into management within the company.  

The course is very practical and specific to the industry I work in so I know that it will be of great value when I go back to work.  

Abertay highlights?

Beautiful Dundee! I really enjoyed the experience, living in Dundee and getting to visit the surrounding area.  I definitely made the right choice. 

What's next?

Back to work in Libya.  When I go back to work in my company, I'll be based in an office, rather than working onsite.  I'll be in the production section monitoring and controlling the treatment of oil and gas. It is a great opportunity for me.  

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