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Prof Nikolai Zhelev

  • Role: Director Of CMCBR
  • Division: SSET - SIMBIOS
  • Department: School of Science Engineering & Tech.
  • Office location: Kydd Building, Simbios
  • Telephone number: +44 (0)1382 308536
  • Email:


The research in my laboratory aims to understand the regulation of the signal transduction pathways related to tumorigenesis, through the development of methods that can provide quantitative information about the complex interactions of such pathways in real time in a single cell. We have developed the first live-cell biosensor for monitoring activity on cancer targets such as cyclin-dependent kinases in tumours. In addition, we are working with biopharmaceutical and biotech companies on the development of novel drugs against cancer and cardiac hypertrophy and novel nanobiotechnology tools to study molecular interactions.

We are collaborating and publishing joint papers with a number of research institutions including: Harvard Medical School, University of Edinburgh,  A* STAR Singapore, University of Namur, University of Liege, Medical University Sofia, Medical University Plovdiv, Technical University Varna, Sofia University,  Trakia University,  University of Dundee, The Roslin Institute and Royal School of Veterinary Sudies, St James’s University Hospital Leeds, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We are also working with industrial partners namely:  Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc., Scientific Technological Service (STS) Ltd. and  Norton Scientific Inc.



Module title: Industrial/Biomedical Biotechnology (BI1103) – for MSc

Module title: Industrial/Biomedical Biotechnology (BI1104) – for BSc

Module title: Professional Studies (BI0704A)

Module title: Adult Nursing (HE0808A)


Module title: Techniques and Skills (BI0703A)


Module title: Principles of biology (BI0701A)

Knowledge Exchange


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My group has received research funding from the Scottish Enterprise, Royal Society of Edinburgh, Socrates Erasmus, Carnegie Trust, the UK Government and Northwood Trust.




Fellow of the Institute of Biology (UK)

Full Member of the Bulgarian National Academy of Medicine

Doctor Honoris Causa (Medical University Plovdiv)

Professional Activities

2012 - present   Managing Editor, BioDiscovery

2011 - present   Visiting Professor, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2005 - present   Editor, Medicine and Sport

2005 - present   Editorial Board, Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment

2004 - present   Editor, Zone4science

2003 - present   Visiting Professor, Fujian Medical University

2003 - 2005       Honorary Professor, Xiamen Medical University

2003 - present   Honorary Professor, Technical University of Varna

2002 - 2004       Visiting Professor, Wuhan Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2002 - present   Editor, Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment

1992 - present   Journal Referee for: Cytobios, Adv. Molec. Biol, J. Cell Sci, Cell Biol. Int. Rep, Biol. Cell, C. R. Acad. Sci. Bulg, Oncologos, Medicine and Sport,  Biotechnol. & Biotechnol. Eq, Zone4science, Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment


 2003 – 2012      Honorary Consul General for Bulgaria in Scotland

2007 - present   Chair, Slavic and Eastern European Institute, Scotland


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