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British Science Week 2016 - a great day!

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The "STEM with Students" exhibition at Abertay University is aimed at upper Primary school classes.  This one-day event was held on Friday March 18th and pupils were able to get hands-on with different STEM activities.  Our undergraduate Science Communication elective students prepared exciting exhibits and activities, as well as take home activities and teachers' extension materials.  Visits lasted 45 minutes per class group and transport was gratefully provided by Dundee Children's University.  Thank you to Blackness Primary and St Vincent's Primary for attending the event - the feedback has been great!


Chemistry National Qualification Support Resource Videos - Food Chemistry

Did you know that science skills are vital to the success of the food and drink industry? Chemists and biologists are needed to ensure food products are safe to eat; to develop new products; and to make changes to existing products to make them healthier, tastier and more exciting.

SFDF, Abertay University, Education Scotland, and the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC) have worked in partnership to produce a set of innovative new classroom resources that directly supports the chemistry curriculum and helps learners and teachers to understand the application of chemistry in the food and drink industry.

There are six food science videos available for use in learning and teaching environments across Scotland that will help to bring lessons to life. These include Emulsions; Enzymic Browning; Maillard Reaction; Oxidative Rancidity; and Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC).

The videos are available to view below, or you can view them directly on our YouTube channel Abertay TV.

We hope these resources will inspire learners with an interest in science to consider a career in our exciting industry.

For further information about out Food courses at Abertay University

The Maillard Reaction

Oxidative Rancidity

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)


Enzymic Browning

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