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Sport and Exercise Science

Next start date: September 

Degree type: BSc (Hons)
UCAS Code: C600 BSc/SE
Duration: Four years (full-time)



How to Apply

Why choose this course?

  • Abertay University is a small, friendly campus in a vibrant University city.  It is small enough for you to meet people, but large enough to meet people like you.  You will join a community of people with a shared interest in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Teaching is underpinned by research and there is a strong emphasis on the links with industry, including opportunities for placements and internships.  Practical sessions will be delivered in bespoke physiology and biomechanics laboratories
  • 91% of students said they were 'very satisfied overall' with their Sports programme at Abertay University in the 2015 National Student Survey

Sport and Exercise Science has become an integral component for sport organisations across a wide range of amateur and professional sports.  At the same time, the role of the Sport and Exercise Scientist has also developed, with the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle helping to prevent chronic diseases such as obesity and type-II diabetes.  The depth of understanding of the scientific underpinnings gained from the programme means that Sport and Exercise Scientists are equipped to work with a wide range of populations including young people, the elderly and those either suffering from, or at risk of developing, a number of disease states.  Teaching draws on the core disciplines of physiology, psychology and biomechanics. Students will also be taught how to apply the theoretical knowledge gained to practical settings across a plethora of real world situations.


What you study

What you study
In the first and second year you will study Sport and Exercise Science within a broader context, this includes developing understanding of Physiology, Biomechanics and Psychology concepts.  The theoretical knowledge gained will be applied to a variety of practical-based modules, with several options that allow you to establish a strong foundation from which to specialise within the field of Sport and Exercise Science.  You will also have the opportunity to study theme-based interdisciplinary elective modules in the early years.

In years 3 and 4, you will study more specific Sport and Exercise Science modules, which cover aspects such as the Physiological Adaptations for Performance, Sports Biomechanics and Applied Sports Psychology.

Placement opportunities exist through the programme and optional courses will allow you to take modules from other programmes offering the opportunity to tailor the course to your own needs and interests.

In the final year, you will complete an individual piece of research of your own design that focuses on your particular area of enquiry within the field of Sport and Exercise Science.

How you learn and are assessed
The programme consists of a mixture of lectures, practical laboratory classes, seminars/tutorials and independent study.  The practical laboratory classes offer the chance to learn relevant scientific techniques first hand, and provide an opportunity to engage in research by designing experiments and collecting and analysing data.

The assessment strategy is aimed at developing a variety of skills that are valued by employers.  The vast majority of the assessment is by innovative coursework-related submissions such as lab reports, essays, oral and poster presentations, portfolios, reflective logs and practical tests.  Exams only form a small percentage of the overall assessment, approximately 15%.

Examination techniques
You will be assessed by the use of portfolio, reflective logs, case studies, laboratory reports, practical competencies, oral and poster presentations, as well as essays and exam-based assessment.

Assessments are designed to reflect the prospective needs of employers. 

Entry routes

Admission directly on to this route at either stage 3 or 4 is only available to exceptionally qualified candidates who have extensive work experience. Applicants seeking admission through this route should contact us directly.

If you are interested in applying to stage 1 or 2 you will should apply for the BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise programme which will allow you to progress to this programme at the end of stage 2.

All applicants are required to provide certified proof of competence in English Language and the Unviersity's minimum requirements are listed here


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Career prospects
Graduates from this programme are well equipped to obtain employment across a wide range of vocations, for example, as sport and exercise science practitioners in community and professional sports organisations, as well as other public and private non-sport organisations.  This programme will also help develop a range of transferable skills that help prepare graduates to take on a variety of professional challenges across diverse working environments.  In addition, students will have acquired the necessary knowledge and expertise to pursue postgraduate studies in a related area.

Industry links
You will have the opportunity to develop links with various sports industries and work towards achieving awards through this.  Work placements that are embedded in the curriculum are an integral part of this process.

Abertay staff have strong research links and many are members of professional societies.  There are good links between Division of Sport and Exercise Science staff and industry (e.g. coach education, NHS) and many staff are also current practitioners.

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Upon entry to the programme, you will be required to submit an application to the PVG scheme in order to be allowed to work with children and vulnerable adults.  The cost will be supported by the applicant.

In addition, upon enrolment you are required to purchase Abertay-branded sport kit for use in practical sessions and placements. 

Want to know more?
Student Recruitment Office
T:  +44 (0) 1382 308080
F:  +44 (0) 1382 308081

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