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Applying to Abertay

Financing your studies

If you are thinking about starting a course, and perhaps moving away from home for the first time, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and to be aware of the costs involved in advance. This information is aimed at students and parents to help give you a brief overview/introduction to what financial support there is available depending on which part of the UK you live in.  It is also useful for EU students to help clarify their eligibility to funding and benefits whilst studying in Scotland.  It is not in any way an exhaustive source of information and further advice and information can be given by telephone or email.

The University provides a friendly and supportive environment with staff that can provide up-to-date advice and guidance.  The Advisory Service offers drop-in sessions for students, the details of which are listed on the front of this booklet.  Alternatively appointments can be made out with these times by contacting our Student Services Reception. The Student Advisors can provide advice and information sessions to students relating to funding, academic issues and also other welfare related issues.  
We can also liaise with outside agencies on behalf of students in relation to individual queries for example Student Awards Agency for Scotland and the Student Loans Company.

We are here to help support you in your academic and professional development by providing advice, which is professional, caring, student centred and accessible.  If you are experiencing any difficulties or you would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, if we cannot help you ourselves we can point you in the right direction.

Tuition Fees

All full-time students studying at a higher educational institute have a liability to pay tuition fees and must therefore make an application to their relevant funding bodies for this support. Please refer to our information on tuition fees for Scottish and EU students, or tuition fees for students from the rest of the UK for details.

Scottish & EU Students

Applications from Scottish and EU students for fee support must be made to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) each academic year and the fees are paid direct to the University. Applications for Undergraduate full time course can now only be made on line

Students from the rest of the UK

Eligible full-time undergraduate students do not have to pay tuition fees up front. Instead students will be able to apply for a Student Loan for Fees to cover these costs before you start on your course.  The fees will be paid direct to the university on your behalf. Applications for Fee Loans must be made on line to Student Finance Direct in the area that you are resident:

Resident in England:

Resident in Northern Ireland:,1266217&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Resident in Wales:,1274440&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

However, if you do not wish to apply for the Fee Loan and you have the means to pay your own tuition fees, there is an option to pay in instalments direct to the University. 

University Fee Waiver Scheme

The majority of students will qualify for this and it is by far the best aid to help break through the financial barrier that many students face.  It helps relieve pressure on low income families and open up new opportunities for those people contemplating part-time study to retrain or further their studies.

Part Time Fee Grant from Student Awards Agency for Scotland

A part-time fee grant is available from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) – this is available for eligible undergraduate students studying part time.  Application forms will be available for download at from the beginning of June.

Student Funding

In addition to the fee support available from SAAS the main types of financial support that may be available to UK students, depending on your personal circumstances and eligibility, are Student Loans, Young Students' Bursary, Independent Student Bursary and Supplementary Grants.

Applications from Scottish and EU students for relevant support must be made to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) each academic year in April. Applicants must apply online through the SAAS website. Scottish or EU students who do not wish, or are not eligible, to take out a Student Loan and who do not qualify for any other supplementary grants, are still required to complete the SAAS Application Form for Tuition Fees.  English, Welsh & Northern Irish students should contact their Local Education Authority or Library Board for an application for Student Support.

Northern Ireland - Bursaries are available to students from low-income families.  The Bursaries form part of the support package for living costs and are non-repayable.  Your local Library Board will assess your eligibility.

Wales - Welsh Assembly Grants/Bursaries are also available for eligible students - contact your Local Education Authority for further information.

Postgraduate Funding (UK/EU Students)

From 2012-13 eligible Scottish and EU students can apply to SAAS for support for postgraduate funding in the form of a tuition fee loan.  The maximum tuition fee loan levels will be £3400 for full-time courses and £1700 for part-time courses.  To find out if your choice of course is eligible for a tuition fee loan contact the Student Advisor for Funding or check the SAAS website.

Student Services has responsibility for PCDL (Professional Career Development Loan) certification on behalf of the University. We are registered with the Learning and Skills Council for these purposes. You can borrow anything between £300 and £8000 to help you fund up to two years of learning plus (if relevant) up to one year's practical work experience where it forms part of the course. For general information and advice contact telephone: 0800 585 505; or visit the website

Postgraduate Funding Leaflet 2012

Carnegie-Cameron Taught Postgraduate Bursary

The University offers three Carnegie-Cameron Taught Postgraduate Bursaries.  The Bursary is available to a student on a one-year, taught post-graduate degree course and will awarded as a deduction from course tuition fees.  The award is also available for part-time study of a one-year taught postgraduate degree course taken on a half-time basis over two consecutive years.  Applicants must be Scottish by birth, descent (at least one parent born in Scotland) or have been continuously resident in Scotland for a period of at least three years for the purpose of secondary or tertiary education in Scotland.  The deadline for applications is 1 May 2013.  For more details and eligibility please contact Jan Murphy.

Other forms of Support

Discretionary & Childcare Fund (UK Students Only)
These funds are administered by the University and the full Student Loan entitlement must be taken before consideration is given to students applying. These non-repayable means tested awards are for help towards childcare, accommodation and financial hardship.

Educational Trusts and Charities
There are numerous educational trusts and charities that individuals may be eligible to apply for a award from to assist with funding your studies. The following websites provide advice, information and searchable databases:

Want to know more?

Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) (Scotland & EU)
Tel: 0845 111 1711
Department for Education & Skills (England & Wales)
Tel: 01325 392822
Student Finance NI (Northern Ireland)
Tel: 0845 600 0662
Student Loan Company
Tel: 0800 405010 (calls are free)
ILA Scotland
Tel: 0808 100 1090

More information

For further information, please see our Student Funding Booklet 2011 

Useful Contacts within the Student Advisory and Counselling Service

Funding Advice

Jan Murphy


Library Level 2

Jan Murphy, Student Advisor (Funding)
Tel: 01382 308936

Student Services Reception

Christine Thornton
Library Level 2

Tel: Christine Thornton - 01382 308051


Aileen Coutts

Library Level 2

Aileen Coutts - 01382 308926

University Accommodation Office

01382 308059 Email:

University Finance Office

01382 308963 or 01382 308026



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